Clubs and Activities

In addition to our shows, we have clubs and activities associated with Running Dog Productions that meet the entire year and performs/show at various events. Throughout the year we have additional activities that anyone can participate in.

Bridge Films

This is our film club of RDP led by Maxx Peak and Nick Nestor. The group writes, films, edits,  learns about and releases all types of films, from comedies to horror movies.

Midstage Travelers

MidStage Travelers is a newly formed show choir, led by Director Paisley LoBue, Music Director Bethany Shears, costume designer Taylor Stevens, and Choreographers Sadie Rouse and Rylee Showalter, that combines the elements of acting, dancing, and singing. They practice every Monday and Friday morning. The group performs numbers from your favorite musicals and has performances throughout the year.

Sunshine Squad

Sunshine Squad is our improv troupe led by Kyle Broderick and William Helmrath, the group practices fun improv games every Tuesday and Thursday morning with shows every month or so.

Cappie Critics

Cappies is a wonderful organization that allows the high school theater world to join the professional world by entering into a year-long competition similar to the Tony’s. A select group of students, known as the Cappies Critics, are chosen from each school and they embark on the intricate task of reviewing other schools shows. These students are able to experience the life of a real critic by going to different schools across the NCA area to see the incredible shows their fellow students perform. The Critics will then discuss and write reviews, some of which are chosen to be published, until the end of the year when the Annual Cappies Gala is held at the Kennedy Center. There they present awards to awe-inspiring actors, actresses, and technicians who strived and achieved to attain these prestigious awards. Cappies is an exceptional organization that gives high school students a chance to have a taste of the professional world that is just outside their schools’ doors.


Every quarter or so RDP holds a Beehive, which is very hard to explain. Essentially, you can’t understand a Beehive until you try one for yourself. However, they are one of the most insane, cleansing, and unique experiences you could have!


Every month RDP holds a themed coffeehouse at which anyone can perform. People perform everything from magic tricks and original songs to comedies and dramas. Food and drinks are served. This is an event you won’t want to miss.