Tech Crews

As an almost entirely student-run department, Running Dog Productions has tech crews for every aspect of a show. Each crew is led by a student who oversees the work of the group.

  • Costumes
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Publicity
  • Choreography
  • Props
  • Set
  • Lights
  • Sound
  • Stage


The Costume Crew is led by juniors Ainsley Steger and Bethany Shears. They research and design  based on the period of the show and construct the costumes for the fall play, competition one act, and spring musical.

Hair & Makeup

The Hair & Makeup Crew is led by junior Dahlia Alrawi (makeup) and senior Anna Kinslow (hair). Together they design individualized looks for every single cast member. Each character received a specific hair style and makeup design taking into consideration costume, choreography, and character personality traits. Along with their crew they do actors’ hair and makeup for the fall play, competition one act, and spring musical.


The Publicity Crew is led by senior Joan Flaherty. Designing and marketing materials such as t-shirts, playbills, tickets, signs and anything else that can help spread the news about everything going on at RDP.


The choreography is led by senior Kyle Broderick and Karen Zipor with assistance from junior Brittany Battista. They choreograph the dances for the spring musical and any dances that may be in the fall play or one act.


The Prop Crew is led by seniors Joan Flaherty and William Helmrath. They find or make props for the fall play, competition one act, and spring musical.


The Set for our fall play and spring musical is designed by senior Katie Bushman and built under the direction of senior Gavin Sexton. Together they sketch designs and build diagrams to figure out the most efficient way to create and paint the set.


Lights for all of our shows are designed and run by seniors Charlotte Kerr and Max Casinha.


The sound is run by sophomore Brian Moran. They are in charge of all sound effects and managing our shows’ mics.


Our Stage Manager is senior Gavin Sexton and running crew is led by senior Rachel Demay and junior Riley White. As a crew they write down blocking, cues, position of props, and the position of the set to help run the show from back stage.

Special Effects

Special Effects is a new crew to running dog led by Emily Young, she works with her crew to create illusions or visual tricks to simulate the imagined events in a story.